Closet Champion is dedicated to making eye-catching, durable in-ring attire for professional wrestling's rising stars. Each piece is custom made to your measurements, ensuring a perfect fit, and constructed to handle the high risk maneuvers we know you're capable of.  We're here to make sure you look ready for the main event, no matter what.

To begin the process of getting your costume,  send an email with a detailed description of what you are looking for, including reference photos or design images, to You can find a list of our base prices for wrestling gear above at the Price List link. 

The price list does not include lettering, appliqué, or design labor.

Our current turnaround time is 6-8 weeks. 

We do offer rush service for an additional charge. 

EX: The subtotal for your gear is $100, you need your gear in two weeks. 50% of $100 is $50, making the total price of your gear $150.

Less than 4 weeks- 20% [or $40, whichever is greater]

Less than 3 weeks - 35% [or $70, whichever is greater]

2 weeks - 50% [or $100, whichever is greater]

We do not take on projects with a deadline of less than two weeks from being contacted. 


We understand that your gear takes a beating; washing, wearing, and traveling with your gear means your tights and singlets don't stand much of a chance. That's why Closet Champion has a 4 match repair clause; if anything should happen to your gear within your first 4 matches wearing our product, we'll be happy to fix it- for free!