Closet Champion is dedicated to making eye-catching, durable in-ring attire for professional wrestling's rising stars. Each piece is custom made to your measurements, ensuring a perfect fit, and constructed to handle the high risk maneuvers we know you're capable of.  We're here to make sure you look ready for the main event, no matter what.

Costume and Accessories by Closet Champion

Costume and Accessories by Closet Champion


Closet Champion's creator, Kate Nyx was introduced to independent wrestling in 2008, at the Squared Circle Revue in Detroit, MI, and was hypnotized by the dazzling and daring feats of lucha libre. 

"Is this what wrestling is?", she recalls thinking, "because I would watch the **** out of that."

Kate has been making costumes since she was in elementary school, and has been sewing professionally since she was 13. Besides her several independent clients, she has worked for the American Music Theatre and the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, as well as providing costumes for underground vaudeville and cabaret productions.

 It didn't take long after seeing her first Chikara Pro show in 2012 that she started contemplating making wrestling gear. In 2013, she made her first full set of lucha gear and hasn't looked back since. She is now one of the primary gear makers for Chikara Pro.

You can follow her non-wrestling related exploits here, here, and here.